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That Crypto Code Sample Is Probably Wrong

So, you want to know how to encrypt your data?   Simple enough, as with virtually any programming task these days you can simply type a few key words into Google, (including your programming language of preference, of course) hit enter, … Continue reading

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Just finished watching Divergent

It was a reasonably good movie.   It was predictable, but it had good action and it held my attention.   In the aftermath, I’ve been musing on what faction I’d be a part of, should I live in that … Continue reading

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The Powershell equivalent to grep

I’m posting this mainly for my own use, since I keep forgetting the syntax. To search for a string in a source code tree, the command would look something like this: Get-ChildItem -filter *.cs -recurse | Select-String -pattern “SearchTerm” -casesensitive … Continue reading

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Hacking and Hollywood

This is an old and well-worn example of a television attempt to incorporate IT security into a plot-line It amuses me that Hollywood writers seem to believe that hacking and IT Security are some form of online, multi-player “Mavis Beacon … Continue reading

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The TSA does something that makes sense!?

I am both shocked and pleased.   They will allow small knives on planes again.  They never fail to give me something to complain about however, and in this case, it’s the just-small-enough-to-not-be-useful  2.36” maximum allowable blade length.   They should have … Continue reading

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New Beer Review–Dogfish Head Hellhound on My Ale

I’ve got a new beer review up on OpenCraftBeer for Dogfish Head’s Hellhound on My Ale.   It’s another Jazz-themed offering from Dogfish Head, this time in tribute to Robert Johnson.  Read it here:

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Watson becomes a doctor

It started out as a master bedroom sized beast, and its first task was to beat two world champions at Jeopardy™.  Once it had handily mastered that task, the fine folks at IBM scaled it down to the size of … Continue reading

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Quick Nexus 7 Review

I’ve been thinking about a tablet for awhile now, and I’ve finally just recently acquired a Google Nexus 7.  These are my thoughts on it after the first couple of weeks of ownership.  At $249 for the 32GB version, the … Continue reading

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New Beer Review – North Coast Old Stock Ale 2012

My review of North Coast’s Otushi Old Stock Ale for 2012 is up on OpenCraftBeer.

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Xanderland Relaunched

After the better part of a year as a black hole on the web, I’m re-launching   I’m using a new blogging engine, so the content from the previous blog hasn’t automatically come over.   I’m going to bring … Continue reading

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