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Hacking and Hollywood

This is an old and well-worn example of a television attempt to incorporate IT security into a plot-line It amuses me that Hollywood writers seem to believe that hacking and IT Security are some form of online, multi-player “Mavis Beacon … Continue reading

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The joys of public transportation

Train driver asks passengers to get out and push.…

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Good advice

I was watching a show about a special police task force in South Africa that was gallivanting around the countryside finding and destroying illegal arms caches.   When they found a cache, they’d pile up all of the weapons and blow … Continue reading

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Foil hats…The controversy.

Many believe that foil hats are an essential tool to protect against government oppression via brain wave reading/manipulation.  A study from MIT examines their effectiveness, and shockingly concludes that the foil hat craze may have been *created* by the government in … Continue reading

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