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That Crypto Code Sample Is Probably Wrong

So, you want to know how to encrypt your data?   Simple enough, as with virtually any programming task these days you can simply type a few key words into Google, (including your programming language of preference, of course) hit enter, … Continue reading

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Watson becomes a doctor

It started out as a master bedroom sized beast, and its first task was to beat two world champions at Jeopardy™.  Once it had handily mastered that task, the fine folks at IBM scaled it down to the size of … Continue reading

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Diamonds…They’re not just pretty.

Scientists tout diamond-coated implants

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Computer error destroys tax records

Article here:  Computer error destroyed 1m UK tax records The interesting thing to me, is how heavily the loss favored the government.  The destroyed records mean that the UK government is unable to collect £6,000,000 in taxes due, and unable to … Continue reading

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